Speciality PFPE lubricants



TRIBOFLON PFPE oils and greases provide superior performance and extended life to textile machinery. These performance lubricants are designed to surpass conventional lubricants.  With their thermal stability, TRIBOFLON PFPE lubricants retain integrity and continue to lubricate at high temperatures.

TRIBOFLON PFPE low residue performance lubricants can enhance the function of tenter frame cross screw boxes, steamer and dryer bearings, lifter reel bearings in dye machines, tenter frame chains and gearboxes, high-speed motors, sprockets and guiding rails and clips for fabric and film stretching.  Anti-corrosive, chemically inert Oils and Greases offer protection from rust and high-temperature corrosion and are compatible with all metals, elastomers, plastics, oxygen and chlorine.

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