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IKV Group – Specialist Lubricants Manufacturer

Excellence – Exceptional Lubrication Performance

The properties of IKV fluorinated chemistry are used to raise the performance levels of our oils far above that of mineral and synthetic oils whatever their nature.  Our expertise exploit this with a rich knowledge of experiences and extensive testing to obtain the best compromise to satisfy the specific needs of each individual application.

In all cases, the excellent performances of IKV fluorinated lubricants; IKV-FLUOR, IKV-TRIBOFLON and ZAROX brands, represent a real opportunity for plant, equipment and component designers for simpler and more compact assembly.  They represent unique solutions to meet the stringent quality constraints demanded by customers requiring high reliability and total peace of mind in the day-to-day operation of their equipment, components or materials.

Technical Service – We understand your application requirements

IKV Tribology aim to provide our customers with a personal and technical service in line with the high technology products we manufacture.

We offer free of charge lubrication surveys at your site and from the information gathered can recommend suitable products for each application and a suitable preventative maintenance programme to ensure that all re-lubrication intervals and individual application parameters are met.

Environmental – We care about our planet

IKV Tribology manufacture a full range of biodegradable oils, greases and non-toxic lubricants for use in a wide variety of industries and applications from biodegradable hydraulic and chain saw oils, to cleaner and safer agricultural and rail industry lubricants, thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact of the materials we supply.

By ensuring our customers are using the optimum lubricant for their application we reduce overall lubricant consumption and wastage due to unnecessary re-lubrication and lubricant replacement. Synthetic lubricants for example, can extend life expectancy several times over a conventional mineral oil based lubricant.

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