Speciality PFPE lubricants



Squeak, Rattle and Roll…

  • Eliminating interior trim squeaks and rattles has become a major focus for automotive engineers.  PFPE and PTFE lubricants and coatings can be used on any interior trim components and are compatible with all substrate materials, plastics, rubber, metals and leather.  IKV Lubricants also manufacture a range of anti-friction coatings for use as slip coats for seals and weather-strips.
  • IKV have an extensive fluoropolymer and polytetrafluoroethylene product range specifically developed for the Automotive Industry. Available in various forms and pack sizes, IKV offer coatings, fluids and greases in precision oilers, syringes, sprays, bottles and dab-o-matic applicator bottles as well as the more common cartridges, tubs and pails.
  • Using IKV lubricants can ensure a reduction in vehicle noise, component breakdown and costly warranty claims.

Under Bonnet & Drive Train

  • Fluorinated PFPE and PTFE lubricants including our FLUOR, ZAROX and TRIBOFLON product ranges offer the automotive component designer the ultimate high performance oils, fluids, greases and anti-seize pastes able to endure the most hostile and aggressive environments whilst offering lifetime and sealed-for-life lubrication.
  • In drive train systems, including steering columns, suspension components, clutch and braking systems, our fluorinated lubricants extend component life, reduce wear, eliminate noise and offer superior performance where other lubricants fail.
  •  High-temperatures, fuel and other harsh environments found in automotive under bonnet applications often degrade conventional lubricants, resulting in component failure. Our FLUOR, ZAROX and TRIBOFLON products are used in EGR valves, alternators, fan-bearings, HVAC and fuel systems that require superior thermal and chemical stability along with lifetime lubrication.

Vehicle Production Line Maintenance

  • Critical lubrication from paint oven conveyors, assembly robots, chains and drives can all benefit from the extension in life and minimal re-lubrication required with our FLUOR, ZAROX and TRIBOFLON lubricants.
  • Fluorinated PFPE and PTFE lubricants do not contain silicone and therefore do not cause problems with painting processes whilst maintaining excellent lubricating properties and long-life performance in high temperature paint and powder coating ovens, conveyor chains, bearings and other applications.



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