Speciality PFPE lubricants



TRIBOFLON PFPE lubricants have demonstrated their broad applicability to replace hundreds of purpose formulated conventional oils and greases throughout the aerospace industry with properties such as:

• Low outgassing
• Wide temperature range
• Robust resistance to change in properties over time, in the face of harsh environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, heat and pressure; aggressive chemical environments, including rocket fuels and oxidizers; and intense radiation exposure
• Resistance to vaporization losses in the vacuum of high-altitude flight, orbit, and deep space
• Excellent frictional properties for long wear and low energy consumption
• Compatibility with all metals, elastomers, plastics, paints, and finishes


General Applications

• Bearings—all types
• Seals—valves and pumps
• O-rings—sealants, lubricants


Aerospace-Specific Applications

• Oxygen systems—valve and pump packing seals, mechanical seals, and connectors
• Rocket engines, liquid fueled—turbines, gimbals, pumps, gears, valves with fuel/oxidizer exposure
• Actuators—mechanical/gear-type actuators for control valves and systems
• Mechanical components—spline shafts, control linkages

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