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PFPEs (Perfluoropolyethers)

TRIBOFLON PFPEs are odourless, colourless, fluoropolymer fluids, chemically similar to PTFE. PFPEs exhibit properties comparable to PTFEs and are often referred to as liquid PTFE. Their properties result from the unique fluorinated structure which givesĀ  them extremely low friction, low volatility and non-toxicity.

The fluorinated nature of these lubricants ensures unrivalled thermal and chemical stability, making these liquid fluoropolymers ideal for use in the most extreme temperatures, hostile environments and critical applications.

TRIBOFLON greases are formed by blending a TRIBOFLON PFPE base oil with sub-micron polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder. Using a fluorinated thickener ensures the resulting grease possesses similar temperature and chemical stability to the PFPE base oils, allowing them to be used in the most harsh and demanding conditions. As with all greases, the thickener acts as a ‘sponge’ holding the oil in place and stopping it from flowing away from the contacts. These greases are often used in ‘lubrication for life’ applications in sealed bearings where maintenance or re-lubrication is not possible.

Our extensive selection of PFPEs include the ZAROX and FLUOR product ranges, ideal for specific applications and market segments.

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